Yannis Takousis

Co-founder, Operations Director
Γιάννης Τακούσης

Yannis is one of the co-founders and co-directors of the Greek Psychedelic Society acting as Operations Director. He initially started the Greek Psychedelic Society back in 2021 under the name ‘A New Eleusis - Greek Psychedelic Society’, honoring the legacy of the Eleusinian Mysteries and thinking that if it’s a ‘society’ people with similar vision and interests might find it and flock to it in order to work together for a shared vision of a better future. Two years later, during April of 2023, that vision started to actualize itself when within two weeks, a group of over fifteen volunteers had expressed interest in this undertaking. Since the previous name could be confused with a psychedelic pharmaceutical company of a similar name, when Yannis joined forces with Eleana Baskouta who was in the process of starting a Greek Psychedelic Society from San Francisco, we used her brainchild as a name for our society, Kykeon.

Yannis’ studies and career have been in the field of computer science however he developed a keen interest in altered states in general and psychedelics in particular. His interest in psychedelics solidified when he learned about the effects of psilocybin on depression, and found other facets of healing with different plant medicines, introspection, yoga, etc. Since then he has been committed to educating the public and breaking the stigma, as well as contributing to the global psychedelic science movement in any way possible.

Yannis’ vision is that with hard work and dedication from a vast mycelial network of passionate volunteers of all walks of life, the Greek Psychedelic Society will bring positive change in the legal, cultural and mental health landscapes of Greece, and revive our long-lost mystical traditions, bringing forward a new Eleusis.