Our Mission


We envision a future where Greek society will recognize and embrace the potential of psychedelics as valuable tools for healing and personal growth.


The purpose of our group is to facilitate the dissemination of scientific information, to support the reform of the Greek legal framework around psychedelics, to educate the public and to create a favourable environment for the psychedelic renaissance in Greece. We focus not only on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, but also on other therapeutic and medical applications and benefits of psychedelics, with the aim of reflecting and integrating global developments.

Our goals

To educate the public about the therapeutic, medical applications and benefits of psychedelics, based on scientific evidence.

To host dialogues and integration circles, promoting insightful discussions and mutual support.

To provide a directory of certified interpersonal and physical therapists in the country, trained in therapeutic modalities involving psychedelics.

To create a repository of information on psychedelic compounds, addressing myths and advising on harm reduction.

We want to provide

Initiatives for the improvement of the general public's knowledge and acceptance of psychedelics.

Advocacy for political and legal reforms in Greece, in line with global movements.

Facilitate cross-sectoral discussions on the social, cultural and political implications of the evolving drug policies in Greece.