Achilleas Katras

Scientific Advisor, Content Creator
Αχιλλέας Κάτρας

Achilleas is a clinical pharmacist working in clinical content development within medical software. He has postgraduate degrees in clinical pharmacy and health informatics and years of experience in various clinical settings (community, hospital, prison) through which he developed a special interest in mental health therapeutics and addiction medicine.

Achilles is passionate about psychoactive substances harm reduction and a strong advocate of more humane, evidence-based drug policy, based on the principles of decriminalisation and harm reduction. He believes that, through open dialogue and education, there can be a shift in the current harmful and outdated attitudes around the risks and benefits of psychedelic medicines towards a more open, better regulated and more evidence-based framework, which would allow clinicians and lay persons to better utilise these substances and reduce the associated risks.

As a scientific content editor, he is using his clinical knowledge and editorial skills to better communicate the most up-to-date evidence around the safe and effective use of psychedelics.