Eirini Ketzitzidou-Argyri

Scientific Advisor
Eirini Argyri

Eirini Ketzitzidou-Argyri is a PhD researcher at the University of Exeter, UK. There she coordinates the Transdisciplinary Psychedelic Colloquium, a lecture series that acts as a fertile ground for a community of free exchange of ideas, inviting experts from varied fields. She also works as a Research Fellow on the Challenging Psychedelic Experiences project, with the University of Greenwich. She is a member of PsyCare UK and the effort to establish this welfare service also in Greece.

Eirini completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Ioannina and her Master's degree in Educational Psychology at U.C.L., London, in 2016. Since then she has been teaching and working on research projects on prejudice, mental health, and social and cognitive development. Her doctoral thesis explores the pluripotency of  psychedelic experience.