Antonis Oikonomopoulos

Community program manager

Antonis Oikonomopoulos is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He holds a degree in psychology and is currently completing a master's degree in counseling psychology and psychotherapy. Antonis has garnered academic experience as a lab assistant in experimental psychology and has presented his research findings at international conferences. Additionally, he has dedicated several years as a volunteer at the ELEF.SYN.A. rehabilitation center, working alongside his father, psychiatrist, and activist Giorgis Oikonomopoulos, to assist individuals in their recovery from opioid addiction. Antonis has also volunteered as an assistant psychologist at a psychiatric hospital and recently completed specialized training for the treatment of panic attacks.

Antonis is a passionate advocate for policy change regarding the use of psychedelics as a potential tool in psychotherapy. He acknowledges the growing body of empirical evidence suggesting that psychedelics could offer valuable therapeutic options for certain mental health disorders, and he believes that these possibilities should be further scientifically explored.