Alkyoni Athanasiou-Fragkouli

Project Manager & Scientific Advisor

Alkyoni holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuroscience and has 5 years of clinical research experience. She joined Drug Science in 2021 where she works as a research officer under the supervision of Prof David Nutt. She manages the biggest observational  medical cannabis study in the UK, T21. She often publishes scientific reports as part of the Medical Psychedelics Working Group (MPWG) and the Medical Cannabis Working Group (MCWG). Alkyoni advocates for the importance of real-world data (RWD) in the study of psychedelics and cannabis. She is a strong proponent of open science and the open sharing of scientific findings. She enjoys volunteering for PsyCare UK which provides welfare services at festivals. 

As a scientific advisor, Alkyoni is using her clinical knowledge and public speaking experience to disseminate information on psychedelic substances, offer harm reduction information and support and coordinate the creation of PsyCare GR.